7 Most Common Home Pests and Why They have to be controlled

You cannot find anyone who says that pests are invited into his or her home. But unfortunately, pests may show up at the most inconvenient places. Though eliminating pests is difficult, it is not an impossible task. In fact, there are many good companies that offer pest control in Singapore for cockroach services.  

There are certain pests that are only a nuisance but a few other pests can damage even buildings or can harm the health of the inhabitants. Let us now look at the 7 most common home pests and why it is important to control them. 


Termites are usually found in the wooden infrastructure of homes though it is not uncommon to see some termite species even in other places. Termites are otherwise called as wood-eaters. These small insects are fond of damp and dark spots. Termite control is absolutely important lest they damage the building itself.


These winged pests can pose enormous dangers to the health of people. They can spread serious diseases like malaria, jaundice, Encephalitis, etc. These insects can breed and multiply in stagnant water. Some of the mosquito species thrive in clean water also.

Bees and Wasps

These insects are fond of fruit trees, garbage and even flowers. They can make nests in the door frame, barn or garage of buildings. Those who already have allergy issues may be affected seriously by these insects. For others, a bite by this insect may cause itching or burning.


There is no evidence to prove that ants have the ability to carry disease-causing bacteria but they can certainly contaminate food items. They invade homes in hundreds and so, they are considered a nuisance. Some of the ant species can bite also that may result in pain or a burning sensation.


These are clawed critters and they mainly dwell in animal hair or in the fur certain animals have. Fleas can cause itching that may ultimately lead to certain types of infections. They can carry bacteria that may spread diseases like typhus, tapeworm, etc. 


Ticks are common in areas that are heavily wooded. Though they do not have wings, they are great jumpers. They may cause a few serious fevers, Lyme disease and encephalitis. Pets may also be affected by ticks. 


Flies are the most common pests that can be found in homes and other places. They are fond of all dirty things and so, they can spread bacteria highly efficiently. Therefore, you should eliminate them at all costs lest your food get contaminated and should you or other family members be affected by diseases. 

In view of the problems these pests can cause, it is important that you should take the help of companies that offer pest control in Singapore cockroach services to eliminate them.