Pest Trends For 2016

The pest problem will persist – there is no solution. What can be changed is the perspective and measures of pest control. Pest control in Singapore explains that although effective methods are devised to eradicate pests, weather and other natural forces promote pest infestation. When the temperatures rise, the number of rodents and roaches increase.

Here are the latest trends in pest control

  • El Nino: There is no doubting the fact that El Nino-induced rising levels of moisture content will have a significant impact on the longevity of pests. When there are perceivable changes in temperature, humidity, wind speed and rainfall, bio-mechanism and life cycle of most common pests like flies and roaches is affected. Warm seasons promote longer life span while cold weathers may prove detrimental. During monsoons, pests, like other living creatures, seek shelter. The number of pests found inside the house versus outside rises exponentially.
  • Rising Mosquito Menace: Rising number of mosquitoes is directly proportional to the increase in the number of specific carrier related diseases. There are undocumented, new diseases on the rise like chikungunya and dengue.
  • Bed Bugs at Work: Bedbug population in Singapore was marked as eradicated till the beginning of the last decade. When the number of tourists increased, so did the bed bug population! Etymologists believe that the resurfacing of bed bugs was triggered by the introduction of bugs through travellers. Bed bug menace is now spread to offices with more number of employees complaining of bug bites and fever. Bed bugs are also hard to spot till the time they multiply to trigger a full blown infestation.
  • Fruit Flies: These seemingly harmless flies, the model for most genetic studies, do not cause diseases in humans but are known to meddle with the profits of food-related businesses. Most customers wouldn’t want to eat at a place swarmed with fruit flies. Although there is no permanent solution to get rid of all the flies, cleanliness and preventive measures go a long way. Throw out decaying fruits – the breeding ground of red eyed fruit flies and clean counters regularly.
  • Roaches: There is nothing scarier than a roach hiding behind the bathroom door. If the thought of encountering a live giant roach makes you squeamish, remember that pest control agencies like PestBusters specialize in making them disappear.