Pest Control Services Help Keep Rodents at Bay

Once your home plays host to one rat, you can bet that there are going to more for a piece of the homely pie. If rodent control is not under control, you and the family will be prone to a series of problems. Rat poop and urine emit poisonous odors and are detrimental to ones health and that is why it is relevant to work out a strategy to keep them at bay. Here are a couple of simple measures to ensure that you have things in order at home and at the office.


Whoever came up with this invention was a genius as bait traps the pesky monster and you can rid yourself of the pest in a place far away from you. Of course, if this is not your cuppa, so be it, the pest control service professionals will get cracking on doing away with the rodents, so that you sleep well. Mousetraps and bait must be kept in sealed bait stations this ensures that the rodent feasts on the bait. One most imperative rule is to use gloves while putting poison in the bait and throw out the gloves afterward.

Preventive Measures

When you keep all your edibles carefully sealed in containers that do not permit any mouse or rat from attacking, you are pretty safe, to an extent. The problem may arise however when you happen to drop food around the place, even crumbs. Rodents have a keen sense of smell. They will get to the food in any way they desire, even if they have to bite furniture or cabinets to chomp into a morsel. The best way is to close any entry or exit point. This works as a preventive in your home, the attic, the roof and any tiny hole. Rodents even bite through cement, so being careful will keep your home relatively safe.

Natural Methods

People have been advocating mint or rather peppermint oil as a preventive to keep rodents and sewer rats away. You can grow mint in the garden as they act as a deterrent in rats entering your garden and home. Strategically place them in various parts of the house and you will not have to worry yourself silly. Another proven method that works, to an extent, before they grow immune to the smell and taste, are naphthalene balls. Get a bag of them and scatter them around the garden. If you have the time, smash them and sprinkle the powder around the place, this will keep rodents far away.

Glue Board

A good number of people dislike this method of entrapping rats, but you have to do what you have to do to keep you and the kids free from rats. Find the right glue trap and once the rodent is caught, there is no way for it to get away. It is not a humane way to entrap these creatures, but when there is no go, you have to try something or throw your hands up in despair. The traps, unlike the simple ones, glue down the rodent in a fixed way the glue is extremely sticky. They may try to wrestle themselves out of the glue, which will cause a considerable amount of blood spattered around the place. The rule with a glue trap is to ensure that once you see the rodent trapped get rid of it immediately.

The company provides a wide range of services control pests like cockroach control services of other pest control solutions. Call them in if you notice anything untoward occurring in your home or office and free yourself of pests, as soon as possible.

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