Why Should Companies Consider Hyper Converged Infrastructure?

As technology transcends new heights, equipment keeps getting obsolete with each passing day. Among all the things which technology is evolving, data centre is one of the most important one. Although modern data centres are the best examples of cutting edge technology, its architectures are still undergoing changes with each upgrade. This is the reason most IT firms are moving onto the hybrid IT avenue, which delegates work to different platforms based on the return on investment and efficiency. Just like all branches of technology are aiming for higher efficiency and scalability, even IT is experimenting on its silos with a segmented approach. Progressive IT management practices have repeatedly proven that companies will need to look for ways to minimise time and resource expenditure on projects, if they ever hope to witness growth. This is the only way, businesses can continue to exploit the opportunities presented by technological trend changes. Achieving these goals will require a lot of breakthroughs in several branches of technology like cloud computing, hyper converged infrastructure, software defined networking and others. In this article we shall discuss, why should companies consider hyper converged infrastructure.

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How the Data centre upgrade timelines have changed?
A few years back, any upgrade in IT infrastructure had to be planned and executed over a couple of months or years, depending on how innovative the technology was. The vast majority of these upgrades were primarily triggered by the requirement to replace outdated hardware or upgrading the operating systems. With compatibility issues and slow pace of outdating in the past, these timelines were acceptable. However, things have changed a lot now. Current IT upgrades do not have the luxury of time, owing to the intense competition that is being witnessed in the market. Upgrading a complex piece of equipment like data centres involves mix and match of many components. The sourcing and customisation of these components is not only time consuming but expensive as well. These challenges have resulted in the emergence of software defined equipments.

Hyper converged infrastructure is the next step in evolution
The emergence of software defined equipment happened in the form of hyper converged infrastructure. Most people have mistaken that hyper converged infrastructure is the first step of virtual infrastructure. Truth be told, hyper converged infrastructure is an evolved form of the resilient converged infrastructure. It was originally leveraged by cloud computing companies for its scalability and efficiency. Additionally, the modular approach to data centres was receiving increased attention owing to the degree of flexibility it offered in hardware management.

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