Radiofrequency for Skin Tightening in Singapore

As we grow older, our skin gets saggy or in a more simple term, it loses its firmness.  It could be the skin on your body or face. The desire to stay fit and fresh has given birth to the discovery of skin tightening procedures.

In Singapore, a lot of people are really interested in beauty hence skin tightening procedures are very common. Most of these procedures when done right can stall or delay the physical effects of the aging process. Let us look at one of the minimally invasive procedures for skin tightening in Singapore: Radiofrequency.

How It Works

This procedure does not come with too much physical pain because it makes use of a heat controlled technology introduced into your skin as needles to heat up the skin. It goes through the skin to stimulate your collagen, thus tightening your skin. As you can easily deduce from the above description, it does not involve any lengthen surgery or use of the medical scalpel.

Collagen is a protein that is found in the subcutaneous parts of your body like the muscles, tendons, bones, and skin. The collagen provides tenacity and structure through its scaffolding under the skin. It is in abundance when you are below 30 years of age, which is why the skin on your face, chest, body, and butts are firm during these stages of life.

 As you cross the 30-years barrier, the collagen in the human body begins to fade and lose their structure. The effect these have is a saggy skin all over the body. The wrinkles on the face and other parts of the skin become more obvious.  The use of radiofrequency will use a special old-fashioned heat to boost collagen, thus helping it maintain its structure known for the body’s firmness.

The heat is made of the energy from radiofrequency which goes straight to the depth of your skin without interfering with the outer part of the skin. It is always targeted to the already diminishing collagen. The energy helps the re-contracts and tightens up. Over time, new collagen is formed and altogether makes them stronger.

When the collagen regains its strength the wrinkles start disappearing and the saggy skin gradually regains its firmness.  When done right, it is a perfect way of delaying the aging process, putting an end to the famous head wrinkles, laughter’s lines, and crow’s feet known with the aging process.

Since it is a rather painless, minimally surgical procedure, many beautiful models and those interested in keeping their pretty shape and looks for a long time in Singapore can readily choose this skin tightening method.

Getting the Optimum Results

There are a few people who think that after getting the radiofrequency method done once, it is enough to get the best result. However, professional dermatologists recommend that in other to get an all-round result from a radiofrequency procedure, it is best to go for between 6 to 10 sessions.

Even though that might sound like a lot of time, you can draw comfort from knowing that each session does not last more than 20 minutes. It is quick, easy and effective. Do ensure that you paatronise a registered aesthetic clinic for this procedure to receive the best care and results possible.

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