King-Sized Mattresses: The Recipe for a Healthy Relationship in Bed

A good night’s sleep makes a person happier, healthier and helps one to perform better in all aspects of life. The health benefits of sleeping in the recommended duration of 7 to 9 hours a night is just as much as one gets from exercising or eating healthy. In modern times now, however, people have started sleeping for shorter durations than they did in the past and the quality of sleep has also reduced. The human body is made of muscles, joints and nerves that are continuously working, at nighttime they require a rejuvenating and repairing process that can only be achieved through nights of sound sleep.

Sleepless in Singapore: The Challenges

It is a known fact that adults in Singapore abide to the culture of working hard and majority are no strangers to working late. Singaporeans therefore tend to spend longer hours working than exercising or resting due to the competitive office culture. This makes the few hours of sleep a night to be of even greater importance in this country. To ensure a good night’s sleep one must have a enough space for themselves, comfortable surface and the right temperature. When one has a sizable portion to sleep in, they can rest better and this is especially true for couples who sleep together. For partners any movement made by the other can disrupt their own snooze and wake them up on a queen sized bed. A Singapore adult king size mattress is estimated 72 in × 75 in (183 cm × 191 cm) in proportion and ensures that both partners have their own resting place while at the same time sleeping together in the same bed.

Family and Room Sizes

Many people prefer a queen size mattress as the rooms and houses that the people own or rent may not have the space to accommodate a full king size mattress. Even to deliver one from the shop will require a lot of effort to get through the stairway, small corridor and finally through the door and into the bedroom. But, for partners or couples that live together in a normal sized house, personal space while sleeping is vital so that each person is completely rested for the next day. And this can only be achieved through owing a king size mattress.

Small children usually like to cuddle with their parents especially if they’re scared or if someone’s sick. On a standard queen, caring for sick child in the same bed means one partner sleeping on the sofa by morning time because there is insufficient room for 2 parents and 1 child in a queen size bed. It usually has 60 in width so each partner gets 30 in to sleep in, a child will just won’t fit through the night. And for those families who have more than two children, night times can get pretty hard. Sometimes pets also like to snuggle up with their owners at night which can also get really uncomfortable. A king size can give ample space during those hard times and ensure each person gets a good night sleep.

King Size Mattresses: the way to go?

Trends indicate that more people are getting aware of their need of space while sleeping in bed and hence king sizes are getting more popular. Internationally, there is a need to better and improve the variety and quality of these larger mattresses to cope with the rising demand and requirements of customers.

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