A Complete Comparison of Popular Non-Surgical Aesthetic Treatments in Singapore

Not only Singapore but the world is abuzz with the latest trends of skin treatments in the market. Three of the most famous are the rejuran treatment, skin boosters and volite.

The face is the most important feature of the body that is noticed before most other parts. The need to look presentable has dramatically increased with many getting extreme procedures done on themselves to look better. However, there is always a taboo attached with having a surgical procedure on so the new cosmetic treatments in the market promise many that do not require going under the knife. This is where the rejuran treatment, skin boosters and volite come in. All three treatments use injectable formulas that are applied to the skin. But it is difficult to choose from the three since they are much alike and so following is an analysis of what each does and how to choose it.

Skin Boosters

The formula of skin boosters consists of hyaluronic acid that is injected into the skin. The penetration is till the bottom of the dermis that supports the newly injected fluid. The viscosity of the fluid is kept very smooth that gives that to the skin as well. Hyaluronic acid has moisturizing properties, and gives the skin a healthy, moisturized and glowing feel that can be seen after the first 3 to 4 treatments, each with a 4 week gap. A touch up is required every 6 to 12 months. This treatment is mostly recommended for those who have a dry skin to plump it up.

Juvederm Volite

Like the aforementioned procedure, Juvederm Volite however uses cross linked hyaluronic acid molecules instead of the regular ones that improve the efficiency much more than using a normal skin booster to the skin. The results are staggering after just the first treatment till nine months. The skins hydration is thoroughly improved giving a healthier look. In addition to improving the hydration of the skin, the overall elasticity and smoothness of skin is improved. The Juvederm Volite is also used to increase the hydration of the lips.

Rejuran Treatment

This treatment process of Rejuran involves injecting polynucleotides into the skin. It uses a biocompatible DNA that is derived from salmon that is like that of our own. Modified and removed of all harm it is then injected to the face. It is suitable for those people whose skin has been damaged through the aging process, radiations and scars or just lacks luster. The rejuran treatment heals the collagen of the skin but rejuvenating the collagen, minimizing wrinkles and over all toning the skin. This treatment also requires 3 to 4 procedures done with a gap of minimum 4 weeks. A touch up to remove the effects of aging can be done after 6 o 12 months.


Each of these treatments is safe to use. The only bruising and inflammation experienced are by the injections that wears off in a weeks’ time. Prior to choosing which treatment suits you, it is recommended to discuss your skin type and the procedure that best suits it with your dermatologist.

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