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Important Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Smart Toilet in Singapore

What type of toilet is in your bathroom? Is it a regular or a high-end WC? Regardless of the one in your home, you need to consider upgrading it to a smart toilet, as they have a lot more to offer.

With a good smart toilet, you will be able to do everything from conserve more water, flush at the touch of a button, and improve the looks of your bathroom. Read about the range of innovative and designer smart toilets here.

Granted, you have the freedom to buy any model of smart toilets on the market, but before you make a final decision, there are a few things you must know.

The following article by Qanvast sheds light on some 4 things you need to consider before buying a toilet bowl in Singapore.

Buying a Toilet Bowl: 4 Things You Really Need to Know

Yes, we know that the WC isn’t exactly the most glamorous bathroom fitting, but it’s hard to deny its importance. Just imagine not having access to one when nature calls and… ahem, you get the ideaRead more here.  

The information in the above article is surely going to guide you when purchasing a toilet bowl in Singapore. The article unveiled some 4 things you need to give careful consideration before buying a toilet bowl. Do you know that there smart toilets that can be voice-controlled with Amazon Alexa? Read the next article to find out more.

The following article by Domenica Tan is basically a review of a smart toilet that can be controlled with Amazon Alexa.

This smart toilet can be voice-controlled with Amazon Alexa

In a time where we’re inundated by smart devices of all sorts, maybe the only thing missing is smart plumbing. At CES 2019, Kohler unveiled an intelligent toilet with a bunch of features that you never even knew you needed in your porcelain throneRead more here.

The above article is indeed an interesting read that may have left you intrigued. The article discussed shed light on some intricate details about one of the leading smart toilets on the market in Singapore, the Numi 2.0. This jaw-dropping smart toilet has built-in sound speakers and can be controlled with Amazon Alexa.

The following article by Wikipedia sheds light on some intricate things you probably don’t know about smart toilets.

Intelligent toilet

An intelligent toilet (sometimes referred to as a modern-day bidet) is a bathroom plumbing fixture or type of electronic bidet toilet, which incorporates traditional bidet cleansing (for genital, buttocks, and anus hygiene), with the added enhancement of modern SMART home technologyRead more here. 

The above article is indeed an eye opener, as it unveiled everything from the history of smart toilets to the features they offer. The article also discusses how smart toilets can increase hygiene, save water, and reduce the use of toilet paper. Do well to visit any of the many stores in Singapore that sells smart toilets if you have questions.

Final note

Smart toilet toilets are becoming more and more popularin Singapore because of the amazing features and functions they have. There are presently smart toilets on the market that have inbuilt speakers and can be controlled with Amazon Alexa.

 As you likely now know, smart toilets are somewhat expensive, so if are on a budget, then you should invest in an average model.

Before making a final decision, you must consider factors like the size and décor of your bathroom.   

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