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Why Consult Orthopaedic Surgeons in Singapore?

Orthopaedic or Orthopaedic surgery is all about the musculoskeletal system. It is the main system which provides human with the capability to move back and forth using muscular and skeletal systems. The musculoskeletal system gives the required stability, support and form to the body muscles for making movements.

What is covered in the Orthopaedic domain?

In the category of orthopaedics, there are surgeries of elbow and shoulder bones, joint reconstruction, hand surgery, surgical sports, ankle and foot surgeries as well as orthopaedic trauma. The joints issues which come under the heading of articular disorders are the most common form in orthopaedic.

For the treatment purposes of musculoskeletal trauma, surgeons make use of both surgical and non-surgical procedures. Besides this, the same procedure is used for degenerative, tumours, spine diseases, congenital disorders and sports injuries.

When to see an Orthopaedic Surgeon in Singapore?

You might not need to see the orthopaedic surgeon now and then. But, yes in case of any issue with the knees or any family history of a knee problem, the surgeon needs to be visited. There are some other instances as well when seeing the surgeon becomes essential. For instance:

  • In case you fell and feel pain in your knees, legs or arms
  • In case you accidentally twist your ankle and feel discomfort
  • In case of severe coughing
  • If there is any injury to any bone owing to some accident or sports activity
  • If you are 60 years or more than that
  • Females after menopause or having undergone oophorectomy surgery
  • When you are taking medicines like anticoagulant, cortisone or epilepsy for some time

Symptoms Associated with Bone/Muscle Injury:

The situation mentioned above may vary from person to person. You might also need to see some symptoms associated with these conditions, which means your visit to an orthopaedic surgeon becomes essential. Again symptoms vary with time and might be different for every person. Some known could be:

  • any signs of bleeding
  • swelling in any bone or surrounded area
  • any signs of a major bruise
  • if there is any bone protruding out from any angle in an abnormal manner
  • tenderness of the bone or surrounding area
  • If there is any pain and you find it hard to move your body part or feel pain when moving
  • Due to injury, there is a pin or needle-like feeling in the affected area
  • numbness of the bone
  • if you are not able to put weight on your leg owing to some injury
  • If there is any shallowness in breathing
  • Due to some injury in the ribs, you find it hard to breathe normally
  • When you feel snapping or cracking voice from the bone or feel it being ground when you fell or had an accident

It is pertinent to mention that the body responses to these injuries also vary and sometimes it could be healed at home as well. On the other hand, the need to consult the orthopaedic surgeon becomes crucial to see the overall condition of the bones.

In case of any above-mentioned conditions, you need to seek the advice of the orthopaedic surgeon for a speedy recovery.

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